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Chemical Pathology

The Chemical Pathology department analyses blood and other body fluids to determine the homeostasis of the numerous metabolic processes of the body.

Due to the large number of samples analysed daily, much of the analysis is automated. This enables the small team of Biomedical Scientists to perform many thousands of tests per hour for patients from both within the hospital and from the local community.

Analysis of the samples occurs on a combination of different analytical platforms all of which utilise various analytical principles.

The Chemical Pathology department offers a large repertoire of analytes. The majority are measured in-house to help to ensure the best possible service and turnaround times for our users. For the less common tests, these are referred to various specialist laboratories around the UK, following the completion of available in-house tests first.

Many of the individual analytes are grouped into test profiles. The profiles have been developed to assist the clinician in reaching a diagnosis when used in conjunction with the clinical examination and any further diagnostic services available.

The laboratory uses a number of testing strategies to streamline the analytical process. It also processes samples from dynamic function tests (select Procedures/Medicine and Specialist Medicine/Diabetology and Endocrinology) which are required for the investigation of certain, usually endocrine, conditions.

It is possible that exogenous substances (particularly some drugs or food supplements) can interfere with some of our tests. Please refer to this page for information on known interferences