Request Classification

The laboratory classifies “Urgent” requests as those originating from the Emergency Department or where the laboratory has been pre-notified of the urgent nature of the request.

Pre-notifcation of an Urgent Request

Although Blood Sciences are a unified department, it is adivsable to always notify appropriate laboratory who will perform the test.
In the case of shared analysis it is best practice to ensure both departments are notified of the urgent request.

Contact Details

  • Haematology/Blood Transfusion: 01226 43(2862) or bleep 205.
  • Chemical Pathology:                   01226 43(2673) or bleep 209

Essential Information

In order to ensure the timely receipt and processing of urgent requests, the laboratory staff require the following details.

  • Patient Name
  • Hospital Number
  • Source Location
  • Name of Requestor & Appropriate Contact Details
  • Tests Required

Additional Information

Where the request card is marked “urgent” but the laboratory was not pre-notified the request will be dealt with as “ASAP“.

As with all requests, it is the responsibility of the requestor to ensure the sample is sent to and received by the appropriate department.