Requests for urgent analysis during normal working hours ( 08.30 – 20.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00 – 17.00 Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays)

Please telephone the laboratory on ext 2687 for bacteriology requests and 2726 for virology requests, to inform us of the patients name, sample type and test requested.

Request for urgent analysis outside normal working hours (20.00 – 08.30 weekdays, 17:00 – 09:00 weekends and bank holidays)

The Microbiology Laboratory operates an on call service for CSF samples, theatre specimens and body fluids such as joint fluids (but excluding urine).

The Microbiology BMS on call MUST be contacted by the Switchboard Operator when ANY specimen requires urgent microbiological analysis out of normal working hours.

Only contact the BMS once the specimen has been collected and has been sent to the laboratory.

It is the responsibility of the doctor initiating the request to ensure that urgent and important samples are expected by the relevant laboratory. The result will be telephoned to the doctor initiating the request. It is therefore essential the name and bleep number is written on the form.

Requesting Clinicians must ensure blood cultures and CSF samples collected outside normal laboratory hours, are taken to the Pathology Reception within 30 minutes of collection.