As a maternity unit we will support you with your infant feeding choices. We have worked closely with our mums and have put together some information to help and support you in your infant feeding journey.

How we can support you in BarnsleyParents guide to Infant Feeding Policy

Antenatal Harvesting or Antenatal Collection of your colostrum

Mothers produce colostrum in pregnancy, learning how to express colostrum during pregnancy is a useful skill for all mothers. Harvesting your colostrum or antenatal collection is beneficial for you and your baby. Pregnant women can start to express their breast milk from 36 completed weeks of pregnancy. The amount of breast milk you get will vary from a few drops to a teaspoon.

Why express whilst pregnant? Expressing during pregnancy, will mean that you become familiar with your breasts and how they work and make you feel more confident after birth.

  • It will give you an understanding of how far your baby’s mouth needs to be on the breast when he latches on.
  • If your baby needs encouragement to feed you will be able to express small amounts of colostrum into their mouth or onto their lips.
  • If your baby has difficulty feeding or being cared for on a neonatal unit you will be able to express colostrum.
  • By becoming familiar with your breast during pregnancy, you will recognise changes in your breast and be able to hand express to avoid problems with engorgement or mastitis.
  • Knowledge of how to express milk if you ever need to.

If you would like any further information or support, please speak to your midwife or email:

Video Guides

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Useful contacts

Maternity Unit – Antenatal/Postnatal ward 01226 432242
24 hour access in the first few weeks with your babyBarnsley Infant Feeding Service – working within the community
01226 775700 – Monday to Friday 9–4pm
07853 893430 – Saturday 9.30–12.30pmFind your local infant feeding Service (Health Visiting)
01226 774411 – 9-5pm Monday to FridayNational Breastfeeding helpline
0300 100 0212 – 9.30-9.30pm every day

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Other useful information

Best Beginnings from bump to breast feeding – a mums journey

Out of area breastfeeding support

FAB Families and Babies
Breastfeeding Promotion and Community Peer Support service
01924 851 901

Breastfeeding in Sheffield

Calderdale infant feeding support
07920 466660

Breastfeeding groups and peer support
0113 2065367

Bradford and Keighley
Breastfeed together peer support service

East Yorkshire breastfeeding support
01482 689689