Barnsley Maternity Voices

Barnsley Maternity Voices Partnership work alongside our midwives and with other healthcare professionals as an independent group known as National Maternity Voices.

They pass on feedback gathered from local families during pregnancy and after, to influence improvements to services in the community and at hospital.

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Maternity webpages feedback - You said, we did

This webpage is for you and we need your help to get it right. Here are your comments and what we did about them.
What you saidYour ratingWhat we did
9/4/15 I came to this page looking for information on how to book a visit to take a look around the maternityward/birthing centre but have only found a link to the take a virtual tour413/4/15 We made our information on the website clearer by saying:
‘We currently do not offer a walk around our birthing centre but why not take a virtual tour?’
6/15 A list of things I need to bring when giving birth eg formula? nappies?36/15 A list is currently being checked by our Maternity Service User Group (mums who help us improve our service) and will be placed on the website shortly. Why not join the group? Follow the link on the webpage ‘Would you like to help us improve and develop our maternity services’ for more information.
2/7/15 I was hoping to find a page which told me what i should pack ready for labour - each hospital is different and I'm not sure what you provide and what I would need to bring.Thank you314/7/15 A list is now available on our webpage. Thank you both for your feedback on this issue.
2/8/15 Information about been induced please.53/8/15 We are currently updating our Induction of labour leaflet and will put in on our webpage as soon as it is finalised. Please discuss with your community midwife or ring the Birthing centre for further information.
1/9/15 Thankyou very helpful things I need to know about being pregnant514/9/15 Thank you for your comments.
30/9/15 What you can and cant eat when pregnant32/11/15 We are sorry if this wasn’t easy to find as we included this information in the section under ‘Early weeks of your pregnancy’
We have now included a link directly to ‘Have a Healthy Diet in Pregnancy’ which includes ‘certain foods to be avoided in pregnancy’ Hope this makes it easier.
18/11/15 Some more information about what you have to bring with you for your scans 310/12/15 This is now included on our webpage. Thank you for helping us to improve our webpage.
13/2/16 It would be good to see information regarding VBAC.
The email sent via community midwife containing the link to this page is very basic and childlike in its language and content.
Take a look at York Hospitals maternity website, it's far more honest and open about experiences that may take place during labour rather than textbook jargon. their leaflets are personal to the hospital rather than NHS standard rubbish.
124/02/16 We are sorry that you didn’t find all that you were looking for on our web page.
We will be inserting a link to the Vaginal Birth After Section (VBAC) leaflet very shortly as this is currently being updated.
We will discuss with our service user group the wording we send to women with the link to the website when the group next meets in March for their advice.
We have reviewed York Hospitals website and will look at reviewing our information with our mums from the service user group. Many of the leaflets that we link to have been produced by our midwives and have been checked by our mums for suitability.
For anyone who would like to help us get it right for women by discussing at our Service User group we would love for you to come along and share your experience, whatever that may be. The group meets on the first Wednesday of the month 10-12 at Wilthorpe Children Centre. For more information please look on our webpage or speak to your midwife.
No information on if you're having a c-section, elective or emergency. Please can you add?304/11/16 This is now included on our web site

We have included our Maternity Unit information leaflet titled ‘Having a Caesarean section’ under the section ‘Your pregnancy’
Picture of the new suite wouldn't go a miss! As an expectant mother I for 1 would certainly like an idea of things instead of walking into the unknown so to speak. 123/05/2017 We are sorry that you didn’t find what you were looking for on our pages. We do have a virtual tour where you can browse the Maternity Unit at your leisure, this can be found here
03/05/2017 Excellent website!! Easy to navigate, accessible to all and easy to understand.

To make it even better and cover more aspects:
  • More information and advice for partners

  • Lists of and information about common problems during pregnancy and with new born e.g. Group Strep B, having to stay in hospital if baby is born more than 24 hours after waters break, tongue ties, clicky hips, what happens next (hearing test, NIPE check), information about meeting with a midwife to discuss birth choices

  • Photos for meet the team - makes it more interesting having pictures
531/05/2017 Thank you for your comments and we will endeavour to include the information you have suggested.
We would love to find out what information would be useful to partners. If you are a partner and would like to comment we would appreciate your feedback.
24/05/2017 Very informative502/06/2017 Thank you for taking the time to review our web page. We are so pleased that you found it informative.
27/03/2018 Brilliant informative website- I have just decided to have my baby at Barnsley and now waiting for my first appointment - website has put me at ease503/04/2018 Thank you for your kind comments
21/05/2018 Informative and interesting 522/05/2018 Thank you for your feedback
No one answers any of the phone numbers125/07/2018 We are sorry that you feel you were unable to contact anyone. We have tried to make it clearer on our web page the times that departments are open. A member of staff is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on the birthing centre