Resources and Information

On this page you will find a range of resources that we publish with the aim of supporting local teams and those using assistive technology.  If you have suggestions for a useful resource, please let us know.  We have also published some more technical and specialised resources.

The pack is a handy go to guide for professionals working within the field of electronic Assistive Technology, containing one page profiles for AAC and Environmental Control products and resources. This includes; communications aids, switches, computer access peripherals, remote controls, mounting solutions, assessments, toolkits and software. The products and resources within the pack are those which would usually fall within the remit of local services to provide.

This resource is a suggestion (shopping list) of equipment items local teams may wish to purchase to setup an initial/basic assessment kit. This is a basic list – the resource pack and AAC apps resource provide more comprehensive information.

This resource has been developed to support clinicians working in local services who are new or less familiar with Augmentative Communication (AAC). This may also be useful to more experienced clinicians who would like suggestions on ways to increase their skills and knowledge in AAC.

This resource was produced to accompany our ‘apps’ training package and gives an overview of a range of AAC apps.

These resources can be used to look in detail at the means, reasons and opportunities to identify potential reasons for use of a communication aid.

This handout describes approaches to voice and message banking. Voice and message banking is the process of recording and storing an individual’s voice that can then be used to support communication.