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The resources below have been collated from other organisations, charities and services for your convenience. Barnsley hospital is not responsible for the content of these documents.







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Speech and Language


Recommended reading list

  • Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome By: Rudy Simone – ISBN: 9781849058261
  • Autism in the Early Years: A Practical Guide (Resource Materials for Teachers) [2nd edition]
    By Val Cumine – ISBN: 978041548373
  • CBT Toolbox for Children and Adolescents: Over 220 Worksheets & Exercises for Trauma, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression & Conduct Disorders
    By Lisa Phifer – ISBN:9781683730750
  • Girls and Autism: Educational, Family and Personal Perspectives 
    By: Barry Carpenter, Francesca Happé, Jo Egerton, Baroness Sheila Hollins – ISBN: 9780815377269
  • Having Fun with Feelings on the Autism Spectrum: A CBT Activity Book for Kids Age 4-8
    By: Michelle Garnett – ISBN: 9781787753273
  • How to Support and Teach Children on the Autism Spectrum
    By: Dave Sherratt – ISBN: 9781855033900
  • Kids in the syndrome mix of ADHD, LD, Autism Spectrum, Tourette’s, Anxiety and More! [2nd edition]
    By Martin L. Kutscher – ISBN: 9781849059671
  • Sensory Activities for Autism: Fun Learning Games for Autism and Sensory Disorders
    By Mary McPhee – ISBN: 9780995157668
  • Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism & Related Disorders: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents & Teachers
    By: Maria Wheeler   – ISBN: 9781885477453
  • Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understanding Life Experiences from Early Childhood to Old.
    By Sarah Hendricks – ISBN: 1849055475