Recommended reading before meeting your midwife for the first time

Your first appointment

This is also called your ‘Booking appointment’ and usually takes place between your 6th and 10th week of pregnancy. There are important tests that we offer before the tenth week of pregnancy so please contact your midwife early if you have not already got an appointment.

We offer booking appointments at a variety of venues.

  1. Tip: If you don’t see any markers on your map, please download our PDF Version.

Your scan

You will be given the option to purchase a scan photograph of your baby. Photographs are £5 each or £10 for three. The machine will accept all denominations of cash and will also accept contactless pay and apple iPay etc.

My baby’s movements

Staying healthy

Are you, your partner, or others in your household smoking?

Do you know the long term damage that smoking in pregnancy or the effects of second hand smoke can have?

Baby on the way, quit today – all you need to know about smoking and pregnancy.

We have a dedicated team of midwives and support staff who can offer you treatment and support to help you quit.  Contact our Barnsley Maternity Stop Smoking Team today

Tel: 01226 431621/2193 9-5 Monday to Friday or email

E Cigarettes

Are you using or considering using an e cigarette? For further information on the safety of e cigarettes view Tommys or contact our team for support.

Alcohol and drugs

Food and nutrition

Keeping active

Find out more about the local Health Referral Scheme  – supported physical activity sessions

Your mental health

Sometimes we are reluctant to talk honestly about our experiences throughout the pregnancy and after baby is born – just remember you are not alone. 

If you need information and resources about how to access services and treatment that can help improve your mental health contact our Mental Wellbeing Midwife:

07779445162  Monday –  Thursday between 9.30 – 4pm.

Please send a text with your name and date of birth if your call is not answered.  If your call is urgent please ring NHS111, your GP or the  24 hour Mental Health Helpline on 0800 183 0558.

If you are a professional referring please follow your organisations pathway for referral to Mental Health services.

Car safety

How to look after your pelvic floor, back, and tummy muscles

Useful downloads:

Video guides:

41 per cent of women during pregnancy can have some form of stress incontinence (leakage of urine from the bladder when coughing, sneezing, exercising etc). Find out more about your pelvic floor here

If you need help identifying your pelvic floor muscles or you are suffering with stress incontinence before or after the birth of your baby we have specialist help available.  Please discuss with your midwife and ask to be referred to our physiotherapists.

Remember pelvic floor exercises are for life not just for Christmas!

Other useful information

What is important to you in your pregnancy?

Download a copy of your Personalised Care Plan and discuss with your midwife or doctor.